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Madeleine M. Leininger, Ph.D.

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Jul 13, 1925 Ė Aug 10, 2012.
Founder and Leader of Transcultural Nursing and Founder of Caring Science and International Association for Human Caring; Fellow of American Academy of Nursing. She was preceded in death by her parents, George and Irene Leininger; sister, Eulalia Hansen and husband Carl; brother-in-law, Dr. Leo Ambrose. She is survived by her sister, Frances Ambrose; brothers: Paul Leininger and wife Johnine, Bernard Leininger, M.D. and wife Pat; nieces and nephews.

VIGIL SERVICE Wednesday, 7pm, West Center Chapel. MASS OF CHRISTIAN BURIAL Thursday, 10:30am, St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church, 15353 Pacific. MASS OF CHRISTIAN BURIAL Friday, 11am, St. Mary Catholic Church in Sutton, NE. Interment in Sutton, NE.

In lieu of flowers, memorials to TCNS (Transcultural Nursing Society) Foundation.

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Sent By: Stephanie Vella Purcell
I was so deeply saddened by the news of my dear friend Madeleine. I had the privilege of working with Madeleine as her administrative assistant at Wayne State University. I am proud to say that we shared a very close friendship over many years since the day we met and I feel so blessed to have had her in my life all these years. I will cherish the special moments we shared together and I will always remember her love for her students, her family, and her faith and try to emulate the strong woman she was. She was and always will be my role model. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace around your loved ones who have gone before you, Our Blessed Mother, and all the Saints and Angels whom you adored, and may your family find comfort and strength in the Lord to bear your loss. May God bless your soul Madeleine. I love you dearly! XO

Sent By: Patricia Tello C.
Mi mas sinceras condolencias para la familia de nuestra honorable teorista del cuidado transcultutral, madeleine Leininger.Nos deja un gran legado a todos los enfermeros del mundo.

Sent By: Gloria Hunter-Wright
I was surprised to hear of Dr. Leininger's passing. I am a nursing student and had the pleasure of reading her Theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality. What a wonderful human being. I wish I had gotten the pleasure of meeting her. God's richest blessings to all her family and friends on her passing. The discipline of nursing is better because of all the great work she has done. Rest in peace Dr. Leininger. You will surely be missed, but your work will not be in vain.

Sent By: Janet Still FNP-BC
Dr Leininger is a hero to so many for many reasons. Her work inspired and gave direction to my studies and service as a nurse and nurse practitioner. With each ending is a new beginning... may her passing inspire all of us to work with more purpose to realize a rich and diverse world where all are respected for their unique gift to the whole.

Sent By: Katalin Papp PhD
God bless you Madeleine. You will always live in your and our students memory and all who have known you from the world. I am a nurse teacher and associate professor and I teach your transcultural modell. You have to know few years ago we established ETNA(European Transcultural Nurse Association) according to your theory.

Sent By: Tendani Ramukumba
May her soul rest in peace. I read her work a lot as it is a must for anybody working in the multicultural environment.

Sent By: Bridget.Omalley
Dr. Leininger thank you for all your work and dedication. I am writing this on behalf of my Mother Inez Catherine Flynn who also attended Creighton University and worked at St. Joseph's Hospital in Omaha many years ago. Our prayers are with you and your family.

Sent By: Janet Jones RN MSN NCSN
I was saddened to hear of the passing of Dr. Leininger. I was privileged to assist in teaching a transcultural nursing course during my masterís program and I found Dr. Leiningerís work an inspiration. She truly was a visionary and her work will continue to be of great significance to many more generations of nurses.

Sent By: Sharon Walker
My deepest condolences over the loss of Dr. Leininger. My heart goes out to the family over your loss. She was such a caring individual. And her life course has touched so many lives; she will never be forgotten. Life is so precious and so fleeting. May her life remind us to cherish each day and do our best to help someone in need. Draw close to family and friends. Draw close to God. He will sustain you. He will wrap his loving arms around you and comfort you. Your tears will be precious to him. ďThou shalt call, and I will answer thee.Ē I pray that you find comfort in the resurrection hope and the promise of eternal life. Job 14:14,15; John 5:28. Loving thoughts of peace are with the family.

Sent By: Julie Lundberg MAN, RN Rochester, MN
Dr. Leininger and her legendary work inspired me to pursue transcultural nursing in graduate school. I am very grateful for her inspiration and meeting her at a TCN Society conference a few years ago. She contibuted a great deal to the nursing profession in her lifetime. Peace be with you Dr. Leininger.

Sent By: Jewell Lightner
Dear Dr. Leininger, Thank you for your visionary work to integrate culture care in Nursing. You have changed many lives as a result of your compassion ad research. I had the opportunity to see you during a few meetings and you have been a blessing to me in my profession.

Sent By: Jewell Lightner
Dear Dr. Leininger, Thank you for your visionary work to integrate culture care in Nursing. You have changed many lives as a result of your compassion ad research. I had the opportunity to see you during a few meetings and you have been a blessing to me in my profession.

Sent By: Lilian Ofoegbu MSN, BSN,RN
You left an indelible mark on this great and noble profession through your transcultural nursing and caring science. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace and may your family find comfort and strength in the Lord to bear the loss of their dear and loved one.

Sent By: Cynthia Allison, RN, MSN-C
Thanks for sharing your knowledge, insight, and service to the great profession of nursing.

Sent By: Dr. DeLane Flowers, Nursing Faculty Valdosta State University College of Nursing
Madeleine was a pleasure to know professionally and socially. I share your loss and pray for you in your grief.

Sent By: JoAnn Ovsen RN,MSN
You Will be missed and remembered in the Hearts of Nurses every where.

Sent By: Yu Hai-ping
we will remember you forever,you made nursing more meaningful and colourful,thank you.

Sent By: Deborah Allen, PhD, FNP-C, BC
Dr. Leininger will always be remembered for her expertise. She will be greatly missed.

Sent By: Sheila Exstrom, RN, PhD
What a legacy, all of her work with transcultural nursing, this legend, from Sutton Nebraska,leaves with us, the collective nursing community. Thanks to her for her caring about all cultures and all nursing students she has served during her lifetime.

Sent By: Beth Lincoln
Madeleine, thank you for your enthusiasm, inspiration and perseverance in all things! My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

Sent By: Dr. Doris Edwards
The death of Dr. Leininger was announced at the Nursing History Conference in Denmark last weekend and her global influence was remembered fondly. As a "theorist" she was a favorite of my BSN completion students who join me in sending sympathy to Dr. Leininger's dear ones.

Sent By: Maeona K. Kramer
For many reasons I'll not forget you -- may you rest in peace

Sent By: Lisa Capps, PhD, APN
Dr. Leininger was a brief mentor to me as a student of nursing and anthropology. I remember her generosity in sharing her knowledge and her writings with me. God Bless her and her family.

Sent By: Linda Friday, RN, BSN, CRNI
Like an artist she saw things others didn't and painted pictures for the rest of us. She was a great cartographer - nursing will never see the 'world as flat' again.

Sent By: Geneva Hassell RN MSN

Sent By: Casey Schumacher
Another loss of a great nursing leader, thank you for all you gave us. May you rest in Peace,

Sent By: JMª Camps (Spain)
La Enfermeria Transcultural ha perdido a su mejor lider i maestra. D.e.P.

Sent By: Pauline R. Wright. RN, PhD
My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.

Sent By: Carol Gard, Ph.D.
Family and friends will be in my prayers. Dr. Leininger was one of the truly great nursing leaders in our country and the world. I feel very privileged to have heard her speak and met her on s couple of occasions. Her visionary leadership will be missed but her legacy is with us always.

Sent By: Gail Fyke
So sorry to hear about Dr. Leininger's death. I met her in Bloomington, IL at one of her lectures on transcultural nursing. She was my favorite nursing theorist. What a legacy she has left for nurses all over the world.

Sent By: Mary Brigid Martin PhD(c), RN-BC, TCN-A
The message of Dr Leiningerís work, so needed in our world today, will continue to inspire many to make the world a better place. On behalf of nurses and patients whose lives are touched by her legacy - a heartfelt thank you to the Mother of Transcultural Nursing.

Sent By: Horace Ellis RN, MSN, ARNP, DNP Student
I was introduced to Dr. Leininger work during my Master's program at Florida International University from 1994-1997,and delved deeper into her work during my DNP program at Florida Atlantic University. The hospital where I currently work has adopted her Transcultural Model for it's practice principles. My colleagues and I share the lost of such a visionary clinician. However, her work will live far beyond her years, and continue to serve as an important and necessary part of academia generations to come.

Sent By: Tammy Lee R.N., B.S. of University of Arizona Medical Center Tucson, AZ.
Your work continues to be taught and spoken of on a daily basis. I am studying for my Masters in Nursing and I have been studying your work for weeks. Thank you for writing on a subject that will be appreciated for eons. Our prayers are with your family.

Sent By: Everentia Ngasu
My deepest condolences to the family and the love ones. She is a great in the field of transcultural nursing. We will miss her. Regards, from Indonesia

Sent By: Everentia Ngasu
My deepest condolences to the family and the love ones. She is a great in the field of transcultural nursing. We will miss her. Regards, from Indonesia

Sent By: Kathleen O'Connor, PhD
Dr. Leininger, a tremendous influence on me, my teaching and my students. With much gratitude for your insight in combining anthropology and nursing, and my deepest sympathies for the family.

Sent By: Lisa Arends, MSN, RN, CNE
Gone but not forgotten Dr Leininger work in transcultural nursing will live on as her legacy.

Sent By: Dr Akram Omeri, Sydney Australia
Dearest Madeleine, I was so fortunate to have studied with you and been mentored by you for the past 24 years. I treasure all memories of my association with you. I remember you as a guide, mentor, leader and as a friend. I followed your teachings in transcultural nursing and human care and followed your culture care concepts and ideas and applied them to further TCN knowledge as I saw the need form my practice - in the context of nursing in Australia. You were so generous in supporting me to progress from student to independent advocate for Transcultural nursing in Australia. Rest assured I will continue building on the body of transcultural nursing knowledge through teaching and research in order to improve care to clients, families, communities and organizations. You will be missed greatly. Love and care, Akram

Sent By: Dr. & Mrs. Ray Chohan
We have many happy memories of Dr. Leininger and were honored to have her as a guest in our home. I had the privilege of meeting her professionally and she was an inspiration in viewing nursing from a multicultural perspective.

Sent By: Dr. Barbara Campbell
Your teachings on Transcultural nursing have crossed disciplinary boundaries and enlightened so many in what it means to give culturally responsive care. Your legacy will live on.

Sent By: Jennifer S. Carapella MSN, RN
The angels needed another nurse to watch over us......her research guides my work and that of so many others, thank you Dr. Leininger, God's speed.

Sent By: Dr. Donna Mesler
My deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of Dr. Leininger. She was a trailblazer in the field of transcultural nursing and she will be missed.

Sent By: Adelaide Madeira
I am a Portuguese nurse teacher and with my students I use "Transcultural Nursing" and other texts to learn strategies on nursing care to work with people of diferent cultures and diferent points of view. A precious approach. With my americans colegues I am very sad today and sending you and her family all my love and a sad farwell. In Portuguese we say: Atť sempre e OBRIGADA.RIP Adelaide

Sent By: Sylvain Brousseau RN., MSN., Ph.D. (cand.)
From Montreal, Quťbec, Canada., please accept my caring condolences and sympathy to all the family, friends and colleagues of Dr Madeleine M. Leininger. She honored humanly the nursing profession all around the world.

Sent By: Theresa M. Adams, Ph.D., RN
Many of her students and followers have and will continue her passion to provide culturally congruent nursing care to all people worldwide. I feel fortunate to have been able to read and learn much about providing culturally congruent nursing care from her presentations and books. Please accept my sincere sympathy.

Sent By: C. Estelle Beaumont
Back in the 70s I was a "rookie" associate editor preparing an article for the groundbreaking Nursing Grand Rounds series. I'll never forget how kind and generous Madeleine was with her time and knowledge when I interviewed her! She was a mentor in the true sense of the word.

Sent By: Fran z. Wenger
I send condolences,caring thoughts and prayers to Madeleine Leininger's family,friends,students and the many persons she has mentored through academic and research programs of which I count it a privilege to have been one of them. She was a spiritual and academic 'warrior' always willing to encourage the best from those whom she mentored. May her caring spirit and lively intellect live on in those who loved her caring devotion to learning and teaching. May her family treasure the place she held in the family she loved.

Sent By: Cheri Lazar
It is with great sadness that I send my condolence to the family. Madeleine was an outstanding human being whose giving was endless. I* was able to start a Culture Care Advocacy program while working at Colorado State University. Madeleine was one of my inspirations for creating the program that served international students and families and any student who felt "different" and "excluded." I will always cherish the book she signed for me.

Sent By: Kathleen Huttlinger
With very fond remembrance and guidance through the years

Sent By: cheryl vines-crooks RN
I am deeply sadden by her death.

Sent By: Sandy Mixer, PhD, RN, CTN-A
To the family of Dr. Madeleine Leininger. Thank you for sharing your sister with us and supporting her work over these many years. Be comforted by the knowledge that her work and legacy lives on and she is celebrating eternal life with Jesus. A passage from the 6th chapter of Hosea states: Let us acknowledge the LORD; let us press on to acknowledge him. As surely as the 'sun rises', he will appear; he will come to us like the winter rains,like the spring rains that water the earth." Dr. Leininger acknowledged the role her faith in God has played in her caring work in Transcultural nursing. Her strong conviction that honoring oneís cultural universalities and diversities would facilitate peace among us brings us hope that as nurses our caring matters to our patients and families and in our local, national and global community Dr. Leininger, I thank you for: ē your caring work, ē your caring faith, ē And your inspiration. You are greatly missed. Holding you all in my thoughts and prayers.

Sent By: Dr. Korto L. Scott
It is with profound regret to learn of Dr. Leiningerís passing. However she was a great person and a heroine for many. Personally I completed my doctoral studies recently and she was one of my lead theorists. My prayers and thoughts are with her family. Sincerely, Dr. Korto L. Scott

Sent By: Priscilla L. Sagar
I am deeply saddened by the passing of Dr. Madeleine Leininger, a wonderful woman who not only founded TCN but also devoted 6 decades of her life to its cause. I feel so lucky to have lived and witnessed her untiring work and dedication for transcultural nursing (TCN). I have been praying and will ask others to pray for the eternal repose of her soul.

Sent By: Dr. Barbara B. Vincensi
Dr Leininger's death came as a shock. She was an inspiration to me starting in graduate school 25 years ago through the certificate coursework I did at Madonna University. She will be missed.

Sent By: Sharon Moore RN MSN
Rest in Peace

Sent By: Kathleen O'Rourke Vito
You will be missed by many but your work will live on in the spirit of which you intended in the profession of nursing. Your impact on practice, research and teaching is timeless.

Sent By: Karine Crow
She was instrumental in my going to graduate school in nursing.

Sent By: Almeta Milow, MSN
Deepest condolences to the family. Her contribution to nursing will continue forever.

Sent By: Susan Wolgamott BSN, RN, CEN, CTN-B, DNP student
A leader, a force of nature, a visionary. Dr. Leininger was instrumental in forming my own goals and dreams as an academian and as a nurse. She will be missed. She will live on in all our hearts and through our work in Transcultural Nursing.

Sent By: Martha Raile Alligood
I was saddened to learn today of the death of Madeleine Leininger. We shared two wonderful days when she came to speak at University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Her work is prominent in my nursing theory textbooks. You have my deepest sympathy.

Sent By: Betty and Larry Graebener,RN,CTN-B
Our thoughts and our prayers go out to the Leininger family. Dr.Leininger had such a profound change in our lives, our friendships and our Nursing Practice. It is amazing to think of all Dr.Leinger research from the beginning till present is now a worldwide intitiative for "Culturally Competent Care." Dr.Leininger not only changed the practice of nursing in the world; as well as a profound change in all fields of medicine and psychiatry. We had a lot of laughs with Dr.Leininger as well as her directing us in research, education and delivery of outstanding Nursing care. It is now time for our society and all nurse to carry on Dr.Leiningers legacy through research,teaching and practice. She is in God's hands.

Sent By: Patti Smith Parsons, MSN, WSU-1983
May you be blessed as you grieve the loss of Madeleine. She forged the path for TCN which has enhanced the lives of many students, professionals and our clients.

Sent By: Naohiro Hohashi, PhD, RN, PHN, LSN
The news of Dr. Leininger's passing came as a blow not only to myself, but many of us in the nursing profession in Japan, who recognize her as a mentor to whom we are deeply indebted. Numerous works by Dr. Leininger have been translated into Japanese. Her theory of culture care diversity and universality is known throughout Japan. I am certain that those of us around the world who have been touched by her teachings are committed to seeing that her great work will continue. I shall always remember her with a sense of respect and gratitude, and I pray for her eternal rest.

Sent By: Naohiro Hohashi, PhD, RN, PHN, LSN
The news of Dr. Leininger's passing came as a blow not only to myself, but many of us in the nursing profession in Japan, who recognize her as a mentor to whom we are deeply indebted. Numerous works by Dr. Leininger have been translated into Japanese. Her theory of culture care diversity and universality is known throughout Japan. I am certain that those of us around the world who have been touched by her teachings are committed to seeing that her great work will continue. I shall always remember her with a sense of respect and gratitude, and I pray for her eternal rest.

Sent By: donna gray
she was a true nurse leader, a beacon of light.

Sent By: Gwen Sherwood
Sucn an impact on nursing around the world, we remember and are changed by your indomitable spirit.

Sent By: Dr. Judy Richter
I was fortunate to be a member of the faculty at University of Northern Colorado, School of Nursing when four of us (Dr. Diane Peters, Dr. Faye Hummel Dr. Nancy White and I) offered a certificate in Transcultural Nursing. We were inspired by the many treasures Madeleine Leininger left for us and for her students in the form of invaluable memories and life lessons. She will be missed but never forgotten.

Sent By: Jonnie Hamilton, DNPc, PNP-BC, NE-BC
You will be greatly missed for your insight and contributions to nursing

Sent By: Chris Tanner
I am saddened by the loss of an inspirational leader in nursing, but she has left an incredible legacy.

Sent By: Bonnie L. Rung, MS, RN-BC
My sincere condolences to the family of Madeleine Leininger. Her contribution to nursing and to patients will live on in the nurses she taught and the nursing facutly who continue to teach her legacy.

Sent By: Stephen R. Marrone, EdD, RN-BC, CTN-A
The disciplune of Nursing, health care, and people around the world mourn the loss of a greater leader. I will miss you Madeleine. Stephen

Sent By: Diane Hamilton, Professor Emerita of Nursing
Dr. Leininger has left a multi-layered legacy filled with ideas, scholarly work, educated nurses, and grateful colleagues and patients. Certainly a meaningful and fruitful life who will be remembered for years to come.

Sent By: Katherine S. Detherage, PhD, RN
My condolences to Dr. Leininger's family. We will always be grateful for her contribution to the profession of nursing. It was an honor to be in her presence. She will truly be missed.

Sent By: Sarah L. Marshall
My sincere condolences to the Leininger's family. Thank you for sharing Dr. Leininger with the nursing profession. She was truly an inspiration to me and her legacy will continue through those whose lives she touched.

Sent By: Renee Courtney, MSN, RN, FNP-BC, CTN-B
Thank you for all your contributions to the field of Transcultural Nursing.

Sent By: Sabra Boughton RN PhD, Soeny Brook Univesity Hospital New York
Dear Family and Friends, Dr.Leininger rests well and her memory lives on through the many many hearts and spirits she has touched. Prayers and thanksgiving for a life well spent and well remembered.

Sent By: Dr. Colleen Maykut, MacEwan University Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
My deepest sympathies to the family of Dr. Leininger. A pioneer in nursing who laid the foundation for caring sciences. Her work speaks for itself.

Sent By: Colleen Conway-Welch
Madeline, thank you for all you contributed to our profession!

Sent By: Dr. Luz S. Porter, Professor Emerita, College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Florida International University
My condolence to Dr. Madeleine Leininger's family. May God comfort you and strengthen you as you mourn over the passing of your sister, aunt, and all. Be comforted that her legacy lives on! Nursing and the overall health care system has been greatly enhanced with Dr. Leininger's Theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality. Her contribution to the Nursing discipline and profession will never fade away.

Sent By: Maureen Shekleton, PhD, RN, FAAN
A loss for nursing -she contributed much to the discipline!

Sent By: Fran Vlasses PhD, RN, NEA-BC, ANEF, FAAN
I was fortunate to study, although briefly, with Dr. Leininger as a PhD student. Her spirit and knowledge helped form my development as a scholar and continues to influence my work as a mentor to others. Most important she was a great lady who believed and practiced the fine art of caring for others individually and the profession. My condolences to family and close friends. Be reassured that her legacy will continue to live and influence how we care for others.

Sent By: Bill Holzemer
with fond remembrance

Sent By: Muriel Larson, Sioux Falls, SD
Madeleine Leininger was a true gift to so many people around the world - she will be deeply missed by everyone who knew her and was privileged to call her a friend, mentor, teacher, encourager, etc. There are so many wonderful memories of this incredible woman, and I can only imagine that the Lord welcomed her to her Heavenly Home with His words, "Well done, thy good and faithful servant. Welcome into the joy of your Lord." (Matthew 25:21). My love and sympathy to all of her friends and family.

Sent By: Elizabeth M. Tsarnas, MSN
You have been an inspiration to me as a student and a practicing advanced nurse practitioner. Thank you for your many contributions towards the advancement of nursing. God Bless.

Sent By: Margaret Andrews, PhD, RN, FAAN, CTN, Director of Nursing, University of Michigan-Flint
On behalf of the University of Michigan nursing faculty and students, I extend deepest sympathy to the family of Dr. Madeleine Leininger. Madeleine was a larger-than-life, charismatic, influential leader in nursing and health care globally and nationally. Her innovative, creative, cutting edge scholarly work is an inspiration to many people around the world and will continue to shape nursing and health care for generations to come. Madeleine not only studied and wrote about care and caring, but she embodied it in her personal life. She also was a deeply spiritual women whose strong faith in God sustained and guided her throughout her earthly journey. Madeleineís work will live on through all of us who knew, loved, and admired her.

Sent By: Renťe Ahee
Pioneer, legend, role model, inspiration. May her memory and her legacy live on in our work and in the multicultural relationships that we build.

Sent By: Jan Dustin Gopez, R.N.
You taught us well on how to care culturally for our clients. Thank you for your contribution to our profession. God bless you. May you rest in peace.

Sent By: Susan Sonnier MS, RN
Bless you and thank you Dr. Leininger for mentoring and teaching so many of us in the ways of caring for others and their cultures. Your theory interwoven with fundamental nursing and caring has inspired and shaped our careers. You have done the Lord's work while here on earth and your inspiration and teachings will continue to lead nursing generations to come. Thank you and blessings to you.

Sent By: Sister Helen Jones
Please accept my condolences and sympathy to all the family, friends and colleagues of Madeleine M. Leininger. What a gift to nursing and the world.

Sent By: Sister Helen Jones
Please accept my condolences and sympathy to all the family, friends and colleagues of Madeleine M. Leininger. What a gift to nursing and the world.

Sent By: Shirley Eckes
To: Dr. Leininger's Family Although I never had the opportunity to meet Dr. Leininger we share a kinship through the Christine E. Lynn School of Nursing at Florida Atlantic University. I have occupied the same space although at different times and have spent time discussing her theory and finding application in my nursing practice. There is much to appreciate about her life's work. Her presense will continue to be felt through the spirit of her theory and publications. Please accept my condolances.

Sent By: Dr. Luz S. Porter, Professor Emerita, College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Florida International University
Dr. Madeleine M. Leininger's legacy on transcultural nursing lives on. In life or death, she will always be remembered as the triggering force in directing attention to the importance of cultural sensitivity and competence in nursing and overall health care delivery across cultures.

Sent By: Ora Lea Strickland, PhD, RN, FAAN
Sincere condolescences for an outstanding nursing leader.

Sent By: Delores Jones
I extend my deepest sympathy to the family of Dr. Madeleine Leininger. It was my great privilege and honor to serve as Dr. Leininger's administrative assistant while a student at Wayne State University. The information gleaned while helping with the publiciation of The Journal of Transcultural Nursing, and working with Dr. Leininger on a day-to-day basis was invaluable.

Sent By: Bari Platter
I just received a message about Dr Leininger's passing. I took my certificate classes at the University of Northern Colorado and met Dr Leininger there. She shared amazing stories about her career and we laughed about our experiences in working in psychiatric nursing. She has been an inspiration in my career and her passing is a great loss to nurses around the world.

Sent By: Russell L. Beeman, RN, MSN
It is with sincere sadness that I was informed of Madeleine's death. She was not only my professor but a friend, mentor, and source of encouragement and support in my research at Michigan State University. May you rest in His peace, love, and light for you brought that to me. Will miss you but always be in my prayers and heart.

Sent By: Linda D. Flores
My deepest condolences to Dr. Leininger's family. She was an inspiration to me and has had a great impact in my practice of nursing. The profession has lost an innovative leader whose influence will affect generations to come.

Sent By: Marie Fongwa, RN, PhD
May you rest in perfect peace with the Lord, our poineering role model, Dr. Leininger. You opened so many eyes in nursing when you said quality patient care must consider the patient's cultural background -- a concept that cuts across all human societies. Particularly, your perspective in nursing grounded me in how I conduct the activities of my professional life in academia. Thank you and may the angels receive you with great joy.

Sent By: Jeanine Tweedie
From my earliest years in nursing through to the present Madeleine Leininger changed the way I viewed, practiced and taught nursing. Her legacy permeates the way nurses care for their patients. In her later years I was additionally inspired by her strong faith. God bless, you Madeleine.

Sent By: Anne. Ganzer, PhD. APRN.
Dr. Leininger has left a lasting impression on the nursing profession and we will always be grateful to her for helping us all to understand the importance of Culture Care Diversity and Universality when caring for our clients. It is a legacy that will carry on.



Sent By: Dr. Vicky Bowden
Prayers with Dr. Leininger's family. Among nurses, who has not been impacted by her work, her theories. She leaves behind a legacy.

Sent By: Beth Desaretz Chiatti, MSN, PhD (c), CSN, CTN-B
My sincere condolences to Dr. Leininger's family and friends. Dr. Leininger was an inspiration to me throughout my BSN, MSN, and now while working on my PhD. I'll never forget her encouraging words when we finally met a few years ago. Most recently, Dr. Leininger had sent me a short note with an autographed photo of herself. I cherish this and have it framed in my office. Nursing has lost a true leader.

Sent By: Dr. Marilyn Ryan, Professor Emeritus Ball State University, Muncie, IN
We have had the opportunity to have a very dynamic leader in nursing who developed theory and advanced the science of nursing. The focus on transcultural nursing was needed, and is still needed today. Thank you Madeleine for your leadership.

Sent By: Belle Moore, MSN, RN-BC
We have lost a great and inspirational nursing scholar and pioneer. Dr. Leininger's work in developing transcultural nursing theory will continue to strengthen our practice and benefit those in our care

Sent By: Sr. Sharon McGuire
Rest in peace with your Creator! Thank you for all the fine work you did to advance transcultural nursing.

Sent By: Christina Sieloff
Dr. Leininger will be missed by all those who value and use nursing theory. She was a great colleague and mentor.

Sent By: Ann Hubbert, PhD, RN, CTN-A
May God's Peace bless and comfort every family member, friend, colleagues, and students who will miss Madeleine. May her soul feel all of the love we have for her and send her now as we miss her dearly, but rejoice in her presence in our lives. I know many of us are flooded with so many memories with her in our lives, and will continue to thank God for these blessings.

Sent By: Marlaine C. Smith, RN, PhD, FAAN, Dean
On behalf of the faculty, staff and students of the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing at Florida Atlantic University I send my condolences to Dr. Leininger's family and friends. Dr. Leininger was a pioneer and one of the most inspirational figures in modern nursing. Her work will forever influence future generations of nurses. We are so grateful to house her work in our Archives of Caring. We send our love and prayers during this difficult time. We will miss her!

Sent By: E. Boyce, RN
Dr. Leininger's work was and will continue to be inspiring. May she rest in peace.

Sent By: Mary B. Killeen
A truly great nurse scholar for generations to come! I am grateful for her mentorship as my advisor at WSU and her warm spirit for me and many others! My prayers are with her family and friends as this time of loss.

Sent By: Molly McClelland, PhD, RN, CMSRN
I sat under Dr. Leininger's teachings for several of my doctoral courses but my most memorable was when she guided me in the development of an emerging qualitative research method using metaphors. That was about 16 years ago and I'm still using the method today. Such a remarkable nurse, so valuable to our profession. Thanks Dr. Leininger, you will be missed.

Sent By: Janice Andrews, MSN, RN, CTN-A
I offer my very sincerest condolences to Dr. Leiningerís family. She was one of the most amazing people I have ever met! She touched countless lives Ė directly or indirectly, including my own. I am honored, privileged, and blessed to have had her as an instructor and mentor during my continuing journey in transcultural nursing. I am continuing to share that knowledge with others. A minister once shared that the dates of birth and death that we often see when someone passes away, are not really so important, itís the dash between the dates that is much more important. It often moves us to ask the question, ďWhat did the person do with his or her life while here?Ē Truly, the dash between those dates for Dr. Leininger, reflects her tireless work and monumental influence. I hope that the family finds comfort in knowing that she will now rest in eternal peace and her work lives on.

Sent By: Lillian Tom-Orme
Dear Madeleine, you have been mentor, teacher, and friend to many in this world, including myself. Thank you for all you have done in human caring; we celebrate your life and life's work. May we all walk in beauty because you have touched our lives in many ways. May you rest in peace. My family joins me in sending love and condolences to Madeleine's family. Every time I saw Madeleine, she always inquired about my family whom she got to know while in Utah. Thank you (ahe'hee')and love to all.

Sent By: Louise Racine RN PhD, Canada
My sincere condolences to Dr. Leininger's family and friends. I never had the opportunity to be one of her student but I have kept a hand written letter from her. She took the care to respond to my query despite being so busy with her work. I will continue to teach your Cultural Care theory to my students. Thousand thanks for your legacy. You will continue to live in our hearts.

Sent By: Gabriela delaRiva
When I read about Transcultural nursing concepts it resonated with own personal and socio-political understanding of the world. I knew I'd found something profound and was so glad to know of Dr Leininger's influence on nursing and the world. Thank you Dr Leininger and to my fellow nurses who will continue her work.

Sent By: Mona Newsome Wicks, PhD, RN, FAAN
I have many fond memories of Dr. Leininger during my time as a doctoral student at Wayne State University. These memories include wonderful debates in the classroom and over dinner. Although she will be missed, she has left an enduring legacy of scholarship and leadership. I am truly glad that I had the opportunity to spend time with her.

Sent By: Mary Ellen Symanski, PhD, RN
I am sad to hear of Dr. Leininger's passing, and I will keep her and her family in my prayers. She was a great mentor to me during my doctoral studies at Wayne State, and I have many fond memories of the birthday parties we celebrated with her.

Sent By: Jeanette Adams, PhD, RN, ACNS, BC, CRNI
My deepest sympathy for family and friends. An honor to meet Dr. Leininger as a young nurse pursuing the path of Transcultural nursing. I will cherish my autographed copy of the book from 1984. A legacy for nursing endures her spirit and passion.

Sent By: Theresa M. Gannon
If you don't think you can, look at what just ONE woman began and accomplished in ONE lifetime. Dr. Leininger, in Rochester, MN you have made an impact and around the world you have left an indelible mark. Thank you for opening our eyes to appreciate peoples of all cultures. May you rest in God's love.


Sent By: Lou Huff, Ph.D
Our deepest sympathy to the family of Dr. Leininger and also to the caregivers who so diligently cared for her at Crown Pointe Retirement Community. Our community is deeply saddended and will miss her presents at her table.

Sent By: Judith Miller Clear , Ph.D,RN
Dr. Leininger 's professional work is a legacy to the health care community. She will be missed not only by family and friends but by those in the other communities she served.

Sent By: Dr. Sithokozile Maposa
A big loss to nursing but her legacy in advancing transcultural nursing care lives on.

Sent By: Olivia Catolico, PhD, RN
Dr. Madeleine Leininger and her work has been an inspiration to me from afar. Her visionary leadership, dedication, and commitment to transcultural nursing in making a difference in the lives of others are qualities to emulate. My sympathies to the family, and may you find peace and comfort in the memories you created together over time.

Sent By: Zane Robinson Wolf
My sincere condolences to Dr. Madeleine Leininger's family. She has left an incredible legacy for nursing and the world. Dr. Leininger's indomitable spirit remains with many nurses and others. Her work will continue through the efforts of her students and colleagues.

Sent By: Donna Shambley-Ebron, PhD, RN, CTN-A
I am saddened at the passing of Dr. Leininger, but I am confident that she is now at rest from her work, a lasting legacy and contribution to nursing science. I had the pleasure of meeting her on several occasions. I know that her presence will always be felt and that she will live on through her visionary work. My condolences are extended to her family, friends, and all those whom she touched.

Sent By: Thomas Stenvig, RN, PhD
Madeleine was a dear friend and colleague who I first met in 1981 when we brought her to Aberdeen, SD to talk to Indian Health Service nurses. She was always willing to have conversations and to mentor students and never lost her vigor and passion for talking about human caring. I will miss you, my friend!

Sent By: Ramona C. Williams
I am in the Graduate program at Prairie View A & M University. Just completed Transcultural Nursing and completed an extensive paper and presentation on Dr. Leininger. She has made such an impact on the area of Transcultural Nursing

Sent By: Stephen R. Marrone, EdD, RN-BC, CTN-A
The discipline of Nursing, Health Care, and people around the world, mourn the loss of Dr. Madeleine Leininger. May your work live on and contiue to grow through the many transcultural nurses that you have taught, mentored, and inspired. With love, respect, and profound sadness, I say farewell to you Madeleine, and know that you have moved on to even greater things and a more peaceful world. Stephen

Sent By: Eleanor T. Campbell
Dr. Leininger was a pioneer in nursing and an inspiration to all fields. It was a pleasure to have known her. I will remember her as a teacher and mentor. Her support during the inception of the Northeast Chapter and professional advise throughout the years will be especially remembered.

Sent By: Idalis Otero RN nurse manager
Dr. Leininger was an inspiration to me , to keep on learning daily, may she rest in peace.

Sent By: Marci Colyer, RN, MSN.
A wonderful nurse and caring spirit. Thank you for all you did for nursing. We will never forget you.

Sent By: Carolyn Lindgren, PhD, RN
My thoughts and prayers to Madeleine's loved ones at this time. She was an amazing scholar whose contribution to nursing is legendary. She was loving, warm person to work with and have fun with. I had the office near here for 8 years at Wayne State and the those were precious times. She will be greatly missed.

Sent By: Magalie A. Emmanuel, MSN, RN, CRRN
Dr. Leininger's contribution to the nursing profession has touched so many lives. Everytime I interact with a patient, I remember what I learned from the Transcultural Nursing Theory. Your legacy will live on for years to come. May you rest in peace.

Sent By: Peggy Berry, PhD(c), MSN, RN
I truly believe Dr. Leininger was instrumental in calling for cultural sensitivity in nursing, caring for the patient not the white way but the right way. She was the butterfly's wings that spread through nursing that the individual's culture held meaning in their healing.

Sent By: Cherry Maynor Beasley, Lumbee
As an American Indian nurse, I have been blessed with her attention to culture in health care decision making. This has impacted by professional life.

Sent By: Patricia Reeves, MSN, BSN, RN, CNOR
I am saddened to hear of Dr. Leininger's passing. My study of her work during master's studies had a profound impact.Comfort lies in knowing her foundational work will continue to herald her love, passion and compassion for peoples of all cultures. Her legacy will live on in her organizational work and among nurses who demonstrate so fully her caring, cultural touch to patients of their own. Unfortunately, I did not have the privelege of meeting her personally but felt I knew her through study of cultural caring. May God's peace which passth all understanding be in the hearts of all her loved ones and those who will miss her presence and guiding touch in the months and years to come. Thank you, Dr. Leininger, for the impact on my life personnally. God's blessings and peace. Patricia Reeves

Sent By: Jennifer Phillipchuk, RN, MSN (Ontario, Canada)
My thoughts and prayers go out to Dr. Leininger's family and friends at this time. It has been an honour and a priviledge to have been inspired by such a remarkable human being and Dr. Leininger's legacy will continue to insire generations of healthcare providers around the world. What a wonderful gift! Blessings and Peace.

Sent By: Kendra Russell - Georgia College
Wishing you peace & comfort at this time.

Sent By: Tracey Abitz, MS, RN, CTN-B
To hear this news was sad. My thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of Madeline. I had not met Madeline and was hoping to do so at the TCNS conference this year. Her work has inspired me and many others and her leadership in the field speaks for itself. She was very visionary and has touched many peoples lives through her work and will continue to do so. Many of us are committed to continuing the great work that she paved the path for and we thank her for paving that much needed path.

Sent By: Connie Sobon Sensor
Dr. Leininger was a pioneer and inspirational leader in the field of Transcultural Nursing. I had the pleasure of spending time with her on many occassions, and she was always the life of the party! She has had a profound influence on my nursing practice and the knowledge I have been able to impart to others. I am sure that St. Peter has his hands full right now, and that Madeline is working on world peace from above! My deepest sympathy to Dr. Leininger's family, she often spoke so fondly of you that I felt I knew you too.

Sent By: Carol and Carolyn
Dr. Leininger, Thank you for being so proud of us when we received our doctorates. We will cherish your kind words forever. Till we meet again. We love and miss you, The Twins Doctors Carol and Carolyn Bloch

Sent By: Sara Moldnehauer,MS,RN, AOCNS, TCN-B
Your legacy lives on.

Sent By: MPH KH.Kunkel Germany
Gute Reise, Sie sind eine Inspiration und Vorbild.

Sent By: Dana Krause
Thank you for all that you have contributed in the Nursing society. Your works and good ideas will certainly live on.

Sent By: Irena Papadopoulos
A force to be reckoned with! You have left a legacy behind you and have inspired a generation. May you rest in peace.

Sent By: Dr. Mayumi Tsustui from Japan
My deepest sympathies to the family of Dr. Leininger. I met her 1995 in Japan, She was the mentor for me and my graduate students who conducted the research using Ethnonursing. I had a chance to translate her book ĀgCulture care Diversity & universality: A theory of nursingĀh in Japanese with professor Inaoka. I have received many letters from Dr. Leininger which encouraged me. Many graduate students from The Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing will never forget her.

Sent By: Edie Morris
My deepest sympathy to the family of Dr. Leininger and also to the caregivers who so diligently cared for her. I am deeply saddened by the loss of my mentor, teacher, and friend, Dr. Leininger. Her legacy and theory will live on through those of us who were privileged to havebeen her students.

Sent By: Edie Morris
My deepest sympathy to the family of Dr. Leininger and also to the caregivers who so diligently cared for her. I am deeply saddened by the loss of my mentor, teacher, and friend, Dr. Leininger. Her legacy and theory will live on through those of us who were privileged to have been her students.

Sent By: Dr Janice Unruh Davidson
My dear friend, the late Dr. Ruth Davidhizar, first introduced me to the influence of Dr. Leininger and her care and compassion for transcultural populations. I had greatly looked forward to meeting her in 2012 and pray God's blessings on all those fortunate to have been so touched by her life and generous contributions.

Sent By: Martha Hepler
Prayers to Dr. Leininger's family. She has made a tremendous impact on the nursing profession and will never be forgotten.

Sent By: Virginia M. Clerkin D.H. Ed., MSN, RN, CTN-A, CNL
Dr. Leininger has inspired my dedication to Transcultural Nursing. She contributed so much to the nursing profession and her legacy will be continued. May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face; the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Sent By: Karen Burkett
Dear family and friends of Dr. Leininger, I offer my most sincere condolences to the family and friends of Dr. Leininger. It has been my ultimate priviledge to spend some time with Dr. Leininger, and meet several of her family members on her archives opening at Florida Atlantic University. I offer my prayers for your loss, and know that now she is at peace with Jesus and all her family of angels.

Sent By: Simone Cheong MS, BSN, CMSRN, RN
Dr. Leininger as the founder of Transcultural Nursing, has inspired so many nurses to interact with patients as individuals with their own cultural identities that we as nurses must take into consideration when caring for them. Dr. Leininger leaves a legacy that we all must carry on. My she rest in peace.

Sent By: Dr. Susan Neville, PhD, RN
Dr. Leininger's contribution to Caring and Transcultural Nursing is invaluable. My deepest sympathy to her familiy. She will be remembered as one of the most influential leaders in Nursing Science.

Sent By: Jana Lauderdale
My hope for Madeleine's family is comfort in knowing how deeply she touched so many lives with her wisdom, her caring, her wit, and her lust for living. I celebrate that I was fortunate enough to know her and that she influenced my life and career in countless ways. There will never be another. God's comfort to your family in this time of great loss.

Sent By: Dr. Lynette Mary Raymond
It is with much professional respect that I send my sincere condolences to the family and friends of Dr. Madeleine M. Leininger. Dr. Leininger's pioneering work in Transcultural Nursing gave me the platform to combine my own interest in cultural diversity, anthropology and midwifery to go on to explore the domain of transcultural midwifery. I am sure I join many Australian nurses and midwives in thanking Dr. Leininger for her contribution to the profession and contributions to my beliefs and values and professional practise, as a midwife and nurse.

Sent By: Elizabeth Foley FACN
My condolences to the Leininger family. I met Madeleine through her visits to Australia to speak at events run by my organisation at the time. She provided great encouragement to nurses here with her insights on transcultural nursing. So appropriate for our multicultural society.

Sent By: Dr. Betty J. Horton
It is hard to believe that she is gone. I am indebted to her as a member of my doctoral dissertation committee at Rush University in Chicago. I will never forget having to explain her own theory to her during my dissertation defense. She was an inspritation to me as well as a friend. I will miss knowing about her activities and exchanging Christmas greetings each year. Thank you for everything Dr. Leininger!

Sent By: Dr. Patricia Seabrooks, ARNP,BC
My deepest sympathy and love to the family and friends of this nursing pioneer and scholar. I met Dr. Leininger when she traveled to Miami to interview for the Dean's position at the University of Miami in the 1980's. She was gracious and caring. Her concern for diversity preceded the common discourse surrounding diversity and disparities today. She will be missed.

Sent By: Debra Iverson APRN, BC-ADM, CDE, CTN-C
Dr. Madeline Leininger was my teacher, my mentor and my friend. After 20+ years of nursing I discovered her Transcultural Nursing Theory work and it ignited a passion in my nursing career that remains burning bright. Transcultural nursing is and will always be the driving force in my career and I owe all of that to Madeline. She taught me, tested me (literally during by CTN exam) and most of all inspired me. She mentored me with the completion of a chapter for one of her many books. I was honored by receiving an award in her name. She will always remain close to my heart and her spirit will live on through my actions, thoughts and deeds as a Transculturally prepared nurse. To her family- thank you for sharing this amazing, beautiful woman with the rest of the WORLD. She was a woman from a small Nebraska town but her compassion and love for ALL people reached farther than most could comprehend to this day. I know God has her in a very special place right now, chosen for a select few. Madeline you may be gone in the physical sense but you will live on through the millions of people you have touched because of who you are. I love you, honor you and am so incredibly blessed I knew you as I did, Sincerely, Debra

Sent By: Monique Germain, Chicago, Illinois
She was my inspiration when I was going to school. She really promoted the profession of Nurisng through Human Caring. She expanded the horizons of caring in nursing through global human understaning. She will be remembered!

Sent By: Dr. Elizabeth Lee, FNP-BC
I wish to express my sincere sympathy to Dr. Leininger’s family. Even though I have only met her once, I found her to be a vibrant astute scholar and renowned researcher. Her research and transcultural theory deeply influenced my nursing practice and will remain in the heart of my practice.

Sent By: June Miller
Dr. Leininger touched nurses worldwide in her quest to define the caring foundation that is nursing. For those of us who worked so closely with her over the years, there is such sadness in her loss, but as well such gratefulness for the time she had with us. She made profound contributions to nursing science, and was loved by many who worked tirelessly with her in her efforts. May she finally rest in peace.

Sent By: Rebecca Davidson
Condolences to the family from a member of the Transcultural Nursing Society. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Sent By: Patricia Burrell
My love and prayers to Madeleine's family, friends, and the many students that she inspired. She brought a differing consciousness to the world and she leaves a legacy for those who follow. She rests in the arms of the Lord.

Sent By: Judith Gardner MS RN
Heartfelt thanks for inspiring nurses around the globe and for personal encouragement in TCN research. I will miss your enthusiasm and generous heart.

Sent By: Pamela Bass
Saddened to hear of the loss of this inspiring woman.

Sent By: Verna Mason, MSN
Thoughts & prayers to family.

Sent By: Dr. Danice B. Greer
Heaven has welcomed the MOST influential, cultural theorist of our time. What an honor to have Dr. Madeleine Leininger grace this earth and changed the way nurses embrace cultural diversity. Your legacy will live on forever. My condolences to the family of Dr. Leininger.

Sent By: Cheryl Elhammoumi
Of all the many ways I will remember Madeleine Leininger, I am most grateful for her consistent encouragement to me to continue my studies and for her kindness to my son at all those conferences he attended with me.

Sent By: Melissa Somerville
A great visionary, educator, and humanitarian. Bless you for all you brought to nursing.

Sent By: Dr. Carl Ross
Thank you Dr. Leininger for inspiring me to move into the work of transcultural nursing. You will be missed, but your legend will live through those of us who benefited from your knowledge and guidance. May the angels meet you at the gate and lead you into God's kingdom.

Sent By: Josie Campinha-Bacote
It was 30 years ago that Dr. Leininger took the personal time to return a phone call to me as a doctoral student pursing the field of transcultural nursing. I was speechless during this first encounter, for I had long admired and respected her work. She enthusiastically welcomed me into the field of transcultural nursing. I will forever be grateful to her personally and as a founder and leader in this field. Her presence and accomplishments will be remembered well past her leaving of this world to her home with the Lord.

Sent By: Sharon M. McGill
She was such an inspiration to my career and has motivated me to continue my education! She will be missed by all of us in the Transcultural nursing world.

Sent By: Barbara Cheyney, MS, RN-BC
Nursing will be forever indebted to Dr. Leininger, who showed the profession that we need to expand our thinking to include the needs of all peoples.

Sent By: Dr. Joyce Newman Giger
My co-author, the late Dr. Ruth Davidhizar and I were greatly influenced by the work of yhis very great woman. We are all more knowledgeable because of her many contributions. Her contributions to transcultural health help change the complexion of health care. I am deeply saddened by her loss.

Sent By: Robin Kaplan
Dear Family, Friends, and students of our dear Dr. Leininger, I feel so very sad to hear of the passing of our beloved teacher. She was truly a very amazing woman and very special person. She was a trailblazer and many years ahead of her time. The work that she established is so incredibly important. She has left a most important and invaluable legacy for nurses and other health care providers to carry on. I feel so fortunate that I was able to spend time with her at several international conferences over the years and to even study with her in her hometown of Omaha. She certainly enriched my life greatly. She was so much fun to be around. I will surely miss her as I know countless others will too. Even though I will not be able to attend her memorial service, my heart is there with her and with you. May God bless all of you. Most sincerely, Robin Kaplan

Sent By: Dr. Cheryl Hilgenberg, RN, CTN-A
My deepest and heartfelt sympathy to the family of Dr. Leininger. Words cannot express my saddness about the loss of this amazing woman who has inspired so many and has changed nursing forever with her Culture Care thoery. I feel very privileged to be among those who enrolled in her courses and benefitted from her mentoring. All who knew her will sadly miss her, but cherish the wonderful memories of this brilliant, generous, kind woman.

Sent By: Maria Elena PiŮa Fonti
I was so saddened by this news. Decades ago i was influenced by Dr Leininger in ways that have made me not only a better professional but more importantly a better person. I can sincerely say she was one of the most influential nursing figures for me. I am proud to say that during her visit to New York for the conference I brought a smile to her face by way of the children's Latino dance group. I will cherish her conversations with her. It is by reflecting on a dear one that passes that we keep them alive. Dr Leininger will live on through our profession. God bless her.

Sent By: Nancy Savage
God bless you Madeleine. You will always be remembered by your students and all who have known you.

Sent By: Larry Purnell
Madeleine will be missed by many.

Sent By: Hiba Wehbe-Alamah
My deepest sympathies to Dr Leininger's family, nuclear, extented, and global... I will miss her bubbly spirit, her flowery hats, her visionary discussions, and her sense of humor ... I treasure my moments and memories of her, her legacy will continue, ...

Sent By: Linda Klotz
The nursing profession has lost a great leader who opened our eyes to new horizons and new worlds.

Sent By: Jim Wohlgemuth
Peace be with you through this difficult time.

Sent By: Sybilla Daniel Douglas
My sincere sympathy goes out to Dr Leiningers family. She has been an inspiration to us all.

Sent By: John Vanderlaan
Words alone cannot express my sorrow over Madeleine's passing. I am so very thankful God allowed me to know Madeleine as a friend, a mentor, and a colleague.

Sent By: Marilyn Dee Ray, Her Beloved Student
Dearest Family and Friends of my friend, mentor, and colleague, Dr. Madeleine Leininger, I am deeply saddened by the death of my dear teacher and friend. I was significantly influenced by her knowledge, passion for transcultural nursing, caring science,the world community, and life itself. I know now that she is safely home and in the arms of Jesus and Our Lady and her family whom she loved so deeply. I will never forget her and send my love to all.

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