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Vincent J. Buffamonte

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BUFFAMONTE, Vincent J. “Buff,” Dec 17, 1945 – Apr 9, 2012.
Formerly of Niagara Falls, NY; passed away in Omaha with his daughter by his side. Coach Buff, as he was known, was born in Niagara Falls, NY, the son of the late Vincent and Theresa (Martino) Buffamonte. He was the oldest of 3 siblings. He graduated from New Mexico Highlands University with a Masters in History and Physical Education. He coached football and baseball for 35 years, setting numerous school records. Among the schools where he coached were Niagara Falls Jr. High, Lubbock High, Lubbock Estacado, Brazosport, Little Cypress Mauriceville, McAllen, Weslaco, Texas City, Livingston, Cleveland, and Dallas Kimball. He was also well known on the local bowling circuit and was a member of the PBA for 2 years before succumbing to a knee injury.

Coach Buff was preceded in death by his parents, Sgt. Vincent and Theresa; best friend, Jimmy McGee, all of Niagara Falls; grandson Kieran of Omaha. He is survived by son Brian of College Station, TX; daughter and son-in-law, Buffy and Bill Farrell of Omaha; son, Brooks of League City, TX; grandchildren: Breely, Brityn, and Kinley, all of Texas; brothers, Tom (Ofelia) of Brownsville, TX, and Ed of Niagara Falls, NY.

For their undying love and friendship throughout Coach Buff’s life, a special thank you to: James Bell of Lubbock, TX; Armando Sedano of Houston, TX; Lorna Paris of Gardenia, CA; Steve Stewart and family. Coach Buff left behind a phenomenal legacy and will be remembered by the thousands of lives he touched through his coaching, teaching, and by being a true example of a man of God.

The family will receive friends Friday, 5pm to 7pm, followed by SERVICES at 7pm at the West Center Chapel, 7805 West Center Road. Memorials are suggested to St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School.

Mortuaries and Crematories
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Omaha, Nebraska 68124
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Sent By: Pastor Mike Lyons 86'
Buffy, Brian, and Brooks, I am so sorry for your lose. Your father was one of the best coaches, mentor, and dad I had the pleasure of playing under and getting to know as an adult. I too, as many others have said, learned a tremendous amount about living life to it's fullest no matter what we are faced with from coach Buff, many of these I have taught to my children and others. May Christ continue to comfort your families.

Sent By: Ofelia Buffamonte
Buffy, Brian, and Brooks, I am so sorry your dad is gone. It’s hard to lose a friend so dear; his voice was always a source of comfort and love. He knew the true meaning of family; he always made me feel more like a sister than an in-law. He once told me that he was so glad I had married your Uncle Tom, because up until then “Tom was just a picture in a photo album”. His wit kept us laughing all of the time and he always kept a positive attitude even through his pain. Buff, I miss so much, my heart is so heavy, I hate not hearing the phone ring every night at 7:00 and hearing your voice calling Chopper (our puppy) through the answering machine when I was too slow to pick up the receiver. Your legacy is timeless and I pray we will meet again one day in our Lords Presence, in Jesus Christ's Name, Amen. LOVE!

Sent By: Larry & Belinda Gaudet
Brian, Brooks and Buffy, We were so sorry to learn about your dad. Our family has fond memories of being your neighbors in Orange. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Sent By: Liz Gilliam
Praying for you guys to fell better. IT will get better.


Sent By: Ron & Mary Henson
Praying for you and with you. Coach Buff was a great man, worked very well with our son Steve.He was also a good friend.

Sent By: Johanna Garza Williams Class of '83
I did not have the pleasure of having Coach Buff as a teacher, but I remember him being a great man. I am so sorry for your loss. He has touched so many lives throughout his time at LC-M. May God Bless you all.

Sent By: Scott Burleigh
As I sit here at Don Gibbons field watching the Bears warm up I can just see the old gold station wagon dragging the field. just one of the many examples of a how devoted a coach he was. The one word that comes to mind that describes him is EDUCATOR, both on the field and off. Taught us lifes lessons and we didn't even know it at the time. RIP coach.

Sent By: Kenneth Young
Thanks for some fond memories. Coach Buff was a great man.

Sent By: John Glapa
I had the pleasure of working with Coach Buff when he was teaching and coaching at Memorial High School.He was a "one of a kind" type of guy and the memories I have of him still put a smile on my face. My thoughts and prayers go out to Brian,Brooks and Buffy. Coach J.Glapa

Sent By: Edward R Dyer
Thanks coach enjoyed the time you stayed at LCM

Sent By: Mike Pickard
you will always be remembered.Thank you coach Buff for all you have taught others.

Sent By: G.Gomez NMHU 67-70
Sorry for your loss

Sent By: Russ John
Dear Brian,Buffy,and Brooks My prayers go out to you all.Your dad was always very nice to me.I would have never made it to Texas Tech University,if it wasn't for him and your mom. I will miss his "Sports Trivia" questions.I'm glad I got to see him over the holidays. Your Aunt Tencha sends her condolences.

Sent By: Mr & Mrs. Rick Bermea
Our deepest regrets family Buffamonte Thanks Coach for Being such a great Mentor and Role Model, you were the best RIP Coach!! Class of 79 Lubbock High School

Sent By: Clinton D. Hobdy, Jr.
Coach Buff will be remembered as a true champion to the Estacado High School(Lubbock, Tex) community. He was an inspiring educator and coach to many. Bless you from the class of 1982

Sent By: Joe Parkhurst
Brian,Brooks, and Buffy, I am so sorry for your loss of your Dad. As you know, Buff was one of my best friends throughout his years at LCM and after. I always thought what a great and caring father he was to you three. I admired him very much. He was a man of great integrity who never feared in standing up for what he thought was right. I played a lot of baseball myself, even at the college level, but I learned more from Buff about baseball as his asssistant coach than I had learned in all my previous baseball days. He and I had many great times togetherand there are not many days that go by that I don't think of him and laugh about our experiences. He was a great coach, teacher, and friend. He touched the lives of so many young people that are much better people today because of him.

Sent By: Gloria Dyer
We never know how many times we walk in and out of people's lives and leave a lasting impression on that person......well Coach Buff was one of thoes people! He was a fine man and did a outstanding job here at L.C.M.. Our prayers go out to all family members.

Sent By: Bert Sena
To the family of Vince Buffamonte I wish to extend my deepest condolences. Although I haven't seen Vince since 1968 while attending New Mexico Highlands University, I will miss him none the less. Vince married my my wife's cousin Norma, so we had more in common than just being schoolmates. I will say a special prayer for his soul. Bert Sena

Sent By: Christie Breaux
Brian, Buffy and Brooks, our hearts are broken over the loss of your Dad. Gosh, we have such wonderful memories! Our prayer is that our God wraps you all in His loving and healing arms and gives you comfort and grace like only He can do. Love from Christie and Johnny Breaux

Sent By: J. Glapa
I had alot of great memories from my years coaching and teaching with Coach Buff at Memorial High School. He was a "one of a kind type of guy." My condolences go out to his family. Coach John Glapa

Sent By: Steve Weir
Remembering "one of the good guys" today. You left behind quite a legacy and I am proud to have known Coach Buff. LHS

Sent By: Mark "Elmo" Duran
Kinda hard to know where to start when we lose a great man like Coach Buff. He was such an inspiration to so many of us, and for that I for one will always be grateful. I hope when I'm done on this earth I can say that I influenced half as many people as Coach did. To this day I can't help but smile when I think of the unbelievable times we had our senior year with him as our leader. All I know is that I wish I could have had more time with him as my coach and friend. I pray peace for the family during this trying time, but know that our thoughts and prayers go out to you.

Sent By: Colleen (Bryan) Pachuca
Thanks for the memories. Thanks for the laughter. You made my government class a blast. If it wasn't for you I would have never walked across that stage on "Class of '84's" graduation night. I will never forget the look on your face as we exited out after receiving our diploma's. You smiled at each one of us. When you looked at me your head tilted down cutting your eyes with that Coach Buff look then soften to a smile. I knew right then you had given me a wonderful gift and a memory that will never be forgotten. Thank you with all of my heart. Dear family, thank you for sharing him with us at LC-M. Our prayers and support are with you in this time of sadness. May God's words give you comfort in the days months and years to come.

Sent By: Dennis Werner
Buffy, Brian and Brooks, I have so many fond memories of Coach Buff it would be impossible to mention them all. Not only did he teach us how to play baseball at a very high level, we had so much fun. What a great sense of humor and the ablility to relate to young high school students. He was one of a kind that touched countless lives and I am thankful he was a part of mine.

Sent By: Coach John Brown
Brooks, I enjoyed coaching with your dad.He was a great guy and was fun to be around. He will be missed.

Sent By: Alicia peek
I only new him as pops but have heard many stories and know he was a great coach and even better father and the best grandpa to our little girl, always calling and checking on us, and coming to visit whenever he could. And always sending some sort of package in the mail for kinley. We had to finally put a stop to the stuffed animals. She loved getting something in the mail from pops. We will both truly miss those packages. But know pops doesn't hurt anymore and is still watching over us in heaven. We miss and love u pops. Love always Alicia and kinley.

Sent By: Anna Brent Wells
I'm so sorry for your loss Buffy, Brian and Brooks. I will never, ever forget Coach Buff. He was my favorite teacher and I know he is a big part of why I love the game of baseball so much today. LCM Baseball was so much fun to watch and the bleachers were always full. You three were everywhere with him, at the fields, school, etc. He's touched so many lives, and that's such a great legacy!! Anna Brent Wells LCM class of 1985.

Sent By: Paul Mendoza
RIP Coach ..Thank you for being the father figure i needed through my high school years at Lubbock High...

Sent By: Mark Smith
Coach Buff expected a lot from his players and gave a lot to his players. I carry with me many of the disciplines he taught me in the time I spent with him. To this day, I still refer to them and have relayed them to my children and others I have come in contact with. I think of him often. God Bless.

Sent By: Bart Williams (Coach at LCM 1980-2007
Buffy, Brian and Brooks, We are sorry to hear of your loss. You will be in our prayers. I was very fortunate to be able to work with Buff at LCM. He was a great teacher and coach. He will truly be missed by all that knew him.

Sent By: ronald john
dear brian,buffy,and brooks,i`m sorry for your loss.it is nice to see the many names that have signed the guest book and is truly deserved of the many ways your dad touched other peoples lives.it makes me recall the early times in my life when he cooked the thickest and most delicious pancakes i ever had at his place on fort avenue in niagara falls and pushed me to be a better little leaguer.he will be missed but his legacy is solid.continue to love one another as well as your mom,my sister cheryl.

Sent By: Mike Craig
I am so sorry to hear about the death of your dad. Buff and I worked together, and had a couple of classes together, for two years in Las Vegas, New Mexico, and kept in touch when he went to Lubbock. He was a good man, dang smart too. Loved that baseball. Treated the kids right. Made them work, made them do what was right. Never touched one, never use foul language with them--or at any time! Best time ever was Saturday moring in Las Vegas at the Spic and Span Bakery. Large homemade frosted cinnamon role and a gallon or two of coffee, and set there talk. About the best time with him was one day when he went with my wife and I to her dad's ranch outside of Las Vegas. I do not believe your dad had ever spent much time on a real working ranch, but I remember that he enjoyed it. Again I am sorry for your loss, and will say a prayer or two for him and for his family.

Sent By: James Jolly, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Coach Buff, you were a big influence on me, and I often impart to my patients some Coach Buff "advice" that you gave me, God Bless you.

Sent By: Mary Billalobos Flores - Austin TX
'May Coach Buffamonte Rest In Peace' He was my History teacher at Lubbock High School 1977. He was a good man. His family are in my prayers.

Sent By: Rick Hyman
He was a great man.

Sent By: Pattye Gray
Great teacher he will surly be missed. Pattye Foulch Gray LCM-82

Sent By: Leaf "Sam" Ballast
I used a lot of the lessons I learned from Coach Buff in my career in the United States Navy. I've shared many stories about him with my son and daughter and the numerous boys that I've coached over the years. I loved playing baseball for Coach Buff, and of all my coaches, I loved him the most. God bless you, Coach Buff!

Sent By: Tyler Dupree
My two favorite Coach Buff stories where when he sent Brandon Sims on a 45min adventure to find a "left-footed shoelace". Each time Brandon would come back, Coach Buff would say "what are you doing? That's for the right foot!" Not sure if Brandon every figured it out. The other was when were running sprints at the end of basketball practice & Chris Dubois was sucking wind (as we all were) and coach asked Chris if it "hurt when he breathed?", Chris replied yes so Coach so "quit breathing then!" Coach Buff was the best coach I ever had. I learned more from him and have more vivid memories of him than probably anyother teacher/coach I had.

Sent By: lorna paris
Buff never smoked, drank, gambled or used the lord's name in vain. He was good & kind, fought for the underdog, tried to right a wrong, always wanted to give, share, guide & coach; he put others needs before his own. He maintained a witty youthful spirit & zest for life till the end. He had a photographic memory, cherished those he cared about & loved. He was always wise beyond his years. He now walks with his lord, he is with his grandson Kieran & loved ones in heaven; he is looking over all of us on Earth. I'm grateful to have been a part of his life from the moment we met. He was a great human being & the world should have more Buff's. I'm honored & blessed to have shared so many wonderful memories. His earthly journey was cut short His good deeds will endure He will live in our hearts & minds Rest well my love

Sent By: Daniel Perry & (LoLo) Laura Cooper Perry
You were the best teacher ever and you made a difference in many of our lives, we will miss you. You taught us many lessons more than we new at the time, and more than just government. Prayers for your family.

Sent By: Carla Childress Trahan
Remembering Coach Buff and praying for all of those who love and miss him. Carla Childress Trahan LC-M class of '83

Sent By: Robert Bittinger
Great baseball coach, better man. Too many memories to list - but spending time with the Buffamonte's was a great experience, never to be forgotten. Coach Buff was probably the single biggest influence on my baseball life, which paved the way for so many other opportunities. Thank you Coach Buff!

Sent By: ,Eldon,Desmond,Pinky
Coach Buff will be greatly missed No words can express how he taught a legancy to all who knew him. He will always be remembered in our hearts. They must have needed someone to start a great team in Heaven. Fay Williams must have needed someone to start a great team in heaven.

Sent By: Steve Griffith
So many lives have been touched by Coach Buff. It even affected my career choice. Coach you are the founding father of LCM Baseball. We will miss you and will try to make you proud. To Buffy, Brian, and Brooks. We are all so sorry for the loss of your father. You must be so proud of what he accomplished. Today we began the process of ordering a bronze plaque to display at our ballpark in your fathers memory. We would like to invite you guys down for next year's alumni game for a ceremony and it's unveiling.

Sent By: Pat Frederick
Enjoyed working with Coach Buff and knowing him as a friend.

Sent By: Lisa Floyd
To the family of Coach Buff.. Our prayers are with you at this time. Coach Buff will be missed dearly..Lisa Pannell Floyd (Class of 83 LCM)

Sent By: The SnoBizz Lady - Dena Stringer
Buffy, Brooks and Brian, Your dad was a true original. He was a great government teacher and all around special person. I have fond memories of you all arriving in the station wagon at Sno-Bizz to get your sno-cones and picking out x-large fancy combinations of flavors - then your Dad stepping up to the window and saying - four small Dreamsicles please. I wish every school had a teacher like your Dad- who truly cared about the students in and out of the classroom. Typical Coach Buff! The deepest sympathy from the Stringer family.

Sent By: Bill Hernandez
know he will be missed.Mary and I have lots of wonderfull memorys of Buff.God Bless yall Bill and Mary Hernandez

Sent By: Greg "Pinky" Williams
Coach Buff, Thank you for all the coaching and teaching you provided both on and off the baseball diamond.

Sent By: Brady Fountain 1986
Thank you Coach Buff for all that you have done for me and shaping me into the man that i am. You taught our team so much about both baseball and the game of life. I feel blessed to play for a team coached by you. You will be missed....Brady Fountain 1986

Sent By: Elaine Reeh
My prayers are with all of you and your families.

Sent By: Kathleen Hughes Tandberg
Coach Buff was one of a kind. His enthusiasm, humor, discipline and joy were contagious. His influence lives on. My sympathy to his family and friends. We are blessed to have had him in our lives.

Sent By: Sherrie Harrell
Coach "Buff" was just a wonderful person. He was such a good inspiration to all who came into contact with him. It was a pleasure being at LCM with him. Condolences to the family. Sherrie Harrell, John Harrell Jr., Mike Harrell, Kacey Harrell Skiles.

Sent By: Aaron Buechner
On behalf on all of the alumni of Little Cypress-Mauriceville, we have lost a legend who put Bear Baseball on the map!

Sent By: Judie Long
Brian, Brooks and Buffy,prayers and blessings. I totally always admired your dad, such a Godly man. When I would see your dad, Coach buff, every Sunday walking into St. Francis church with the three of you I knew what a good man he really was. May he rest in Peace.

Sent By: Jerry Sanford
Thank you Coach Buffamonte. You molded a group of young boys who loved baseball and created baseball players. You taught by example and demanded that we "do it again....this time the right way". You cared for your students as much, or even more, than your players. We later understood, by your actions, how to take take of our families. Thank you for allowing us to watch you raise your kids. Thank you Buffy, Brian and Brooks for sharing your father with us. You were my "Life Coach" long after I left the baseball field. I'll end like I started....Thank you Coach Buffamonte.

Sent By: Jeannie Hargrove Alexander
Coach Buff was a great man! I enjoyed having him as a teacher at LCJH back in the day. My prayers are with the family. I know he will be missed.

Sent By: Donald Barron
RIP coach you have had a major influence in so many lifes. You were a great peson and will be so missed by so many.

Sent By: Jeremy Niichols
R.I.P. we will miss you

Sent By: Wendy Spiers Reed
Coach Buff was the best! They don't make teachers like him anymore. I had Coach Buff for Senior Government, and his way of teaching made it interesting and fun! Coach was a man of honor, dignity and respect. There was never any gray area with him. I will always cherish my Honors Govt certificate! RIP Coach Buff!

Sent By: Robby Campbell
Prayers to the family. Rest in peace Coach Buff. Battling' Bear Football class of 89!

Sent By: Steve "Moe" Moreland
There have been very few days that have passed that I haven't atleast thought of Coach Buff. Those wonderful memories will live on forever. He was an inspiration and example to all those around him. Coach Buff was an awesome coach as well as a great teacher. He had the ability to see people for what they were inside, and could bring out the best in each of us. Not only did he teach the game of baseball, but he more than anything else taught you the game of life. He molded the lives of so many that will always love and appreciate him. Rest In Peace Coach Vincent J. Buffamonte, your spirit will live on in our hearts and our childrens hearts as well. Tanks for the memories! There's alot of talent where you are headed, and they must have needed a slugger/coach to help them out. Steve Moreland, Class of 1986, LCM.

Sent By: Liz Gilliam
Hey Buffy, Brian, and Brooks. I am so sorry for your loss. Lean on God through this. He is our strength. Buffy, I want to say a special praise to you for being a true champion for your dad in his final days. Not a lot of people can handle what you did, and I am so thankful your dad had you in his time of need. I know you are in pain now, but your dad isn't any longer, so take comfort in that. Blessings. Liz Gilliam WHS 93

Sent By: Steve "Moe" Moreland
There have been very few days that have passed without atleast a thought of Coach Buff going through my mind. He was like a second father to me and helped mold me into the man I am today. I am proud to say I played ball for him, but I am even prouder to say I learned about life from him. He was an inspiration and an example of true character. He had a gift of seeing people for what they actually were. Coach Buff may have passed from this earth in body, but his wonderful spirit will live on in those who had the priviledge of knowing him. May you Rest In Peace Coach Vincent J. Buffamonte. You will always live in the hearts of those who knew you. Steve Moreland, LCM Class of 1986.

Sent By: Janis Switzer
Such a good man. A great coach, but I admired him for his devotion to his children. God Bless you, Coach Buffamonte.

Sent By: Allen Nation
You will be dearly missed. Loved all the stories. Still carry my Honors Government card in my wallet. Brian, Brooks, Buffy prayers to you all.

Sent By: Mike Perkins
God Bless you coach Buff. You gave so much to so many. You built great baseball players and great men. Your legacy extends through your former players to their children. Thank you.

Sent By: Staci Dowdle Wolfford (LCM '85)
Coach Buff was one of my favorite teachers ever. He made Senior Government interesting and he truly cared about his students. Prayers for his family

Sent By: Mike Stewart
A great man, and coach, who had a tremendous influence on my life. Coach Buff was one of the main reasons I went into the profession of teaching and coaching young people. Discipline, work ethic, and believing in yourself, are just a few of the traits Coach Buff instilled in all he coached. I could go on about what a great person, and coach he was. But I know he is coaching again in alot better place. We won our game tonight 1-0, and when it was over I knew he had seen it. Our thoughts and prayers will be with Brian, Brooks, and Buffy. I am thankful to have been part of his life. God Bless.

Sent By: Cathy Cimino
Dear Brian, Buffy and Brooks: Just want you to know that I feel so sad for you all in the loss of your Dad. I know he was so sick for a long time but he's not suffering any more and I pray God will comfort you and give you strength during this very difficult time. I know you'll miss him so much. Cherish your mom and each other and every day you have together. Love, Aunt Cathy

Sent By: Robert Gross
Buffy, Brian, and Brooks and the Buffamonte Family...Our condolences and prayers from Robert "Tank" Gross and family of LCM.

Sent By: Ray Long
A great dad, teacher, coach and friend. Blessings to you Brian, Brooks and Buffy.

Sent By: Ray Long
A great teacher, coach, dad and most of all friend. Blessings to you Brian, Brooks and Buffy.

Sent By: Wade Barron
Coach Buff was a great Coach and Teacher! I had him for Government my senior year of high school. We alway had fun in class, I remember during our senior year exam's, one of my friends asked coach what would it take to be able to miss the exam and Coach Buff said only if he was dead. Well, we had access to an old iron lung, we loaded that thing up into a truck, it took six of us to do it, we drove up to the school and put Wayne (My friend) in it and pushed him up the halls into Coach Buffamonte;s class. I remember it well, Wayne hollering, "Coach Buff can I have a pass on the exam". It was a funny day that day..

Sent By: Wade Barron
Coach Buff was a great Coach and Teacher! I had him for Government my senior year of high school. We alway had fun in class, I remember during our senior year exam's, one of my friends asked coach what would it take to be able to miss the exam and Coach Buff said only if he was dead. Well, we had access to an old iron lung, we loaded that thing up into a truck, it took six of us to do it, we drove up to the school and put Wayne (My friend) in it and pushed him up the halls into Coach Buffamonte;s class. I remember it well, Wayne hollering, "Coach Buff can I have a pass on the exam". It was a funny day that day..

Sent By: Elizondo Family
Buffy, Brian, & Brooks and the Buffamonte Family...Our condolences from the Elizondo Family

Sent By: Cook Family , L-CM Texas
Sorry For your Loss. May God give you strength,

Sent By: Homer
To the best coach I've known, I will always remember you and thank you for all your help. God bless you. R.I.P. Coach Buff. Homer Llanas and family Weslaco TX Class of 94 (baseball)

Sent By: Dena Thompson
So sorry for your family's loss. What a very special man that touched many young lives as a Mentor, Coach & teacher..I will never forget him. My prayers are with you as you face this difficult time. Sincerely, Dena "Dyer" Thompson LC-M Graduate Class of 1981

Sent By: Abel Navarro
U will be missed Coach Buff. U were a great coach. Ex Panther player.

Sent By: Michelle Richard Haydel
Even though I knew him only in my childhood, he was a great coach and teacher. When Coach Buff's name is ever mentioned it is always with great respect and wonderful memories from LCM. I'm so sorry for your families loss.

Sent By: Ronnie & Becky Baird
Our love and pray is with his family. May God bless and support them in their time of sorry.

Sent By: Armando Sedeno
Coach, We are going to miss you. You have a special place in the heart of all of us who you coached. We know you will continue to be with us with you spirit. your team, The Lubbock High Westerners "1976"

Sent By: Tom Buffamonte
There is a million stories, I could tell you about growing up with my brother: three come to mind. 1. winning the traveling league bowling title of western New York, with Buff as the anchor man. 2. Sticking a garden hose down our little brothers pants while he was tied to a tree 3. Watching him hit home runs for Niagara Falls high I guess God needed another great baseball coach and bowler---I know the next time I hear thunder it will probably be Buff throwing another strike. R.I.P. Buff (see you soon)

Sent By: Amber Lewis Wozniak
Buffy, Brian, and Brooks, may Gods loving arms hold you all close, and give you comfort at this time.

Sent By: Rip Matthews
A Giant of a man who's dedication to the game of Baseball and life itself has influenced many young men including myself. I can speak for the 1982 Baseball team at LCM,, thanks for making us believers. Rest in Peace Coach, you will be missed.

Sent By: Andy Elizondo
Buffy, Brian, and Brooks and the Buffamonte Family...Our condolences and prayers..again..Heaven needed a Hero.. God bless, from Andy, Edith, and Louie Elizondo and family

Sent By: Elizabeth Stewart
We will miss Coach Buff. My parents always tell the best and funniest stories about him, and his legacy and the memories will continue to live on. He was such a generous man, a great friend, and a great father that raised 3 great children. He will always have a special place in our hearts.

Sent By: Steve and Daphne Stewart
We are going to miss our dear friend. We will forever cherish the memories, laughter and great times together over the past 30 years. Buffy, Brian and Brooks...may God wrap his love around you and give you comfort in knowing "all is well". Peace be with you. We love you and we loved your dad!

Sent By: Blaine Hendrick
Sorry for your loss. He was great guy!

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